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Navy blue brushed cotton shirt, £145, Gieves & Hawkes. Dark Japanese selvedge denim jeans, £198, and brown leather belt, £45, both J. Chunky tan leather shoes, £215, Grenson Plus, I had doubts it could be done.

’Yes, Catherine was stern but just — and very helpful when it came to fashion tips: ‘You’ve got to actually look and touch the quality of the fabrics that you wear. My hair was diagnosed as ‘too long, too grey and too bouffant. ’Jake advised against dyeing it — even giving me new grey highlights — on the grounds that ‘once you start dyeing, you have to do it all the time’.But that didn’t stop me dreading being dressed by Catherine for our makeover photoshoot.She arrived at the photographic studio with enough clothes to dress the Russian army and more shoes than Imelda Marcos could dream of.Do you know what the biggest killer of happiness or finding a fulfilling life is for most men? We give up our youthful dreams of being the best we can be and slowly drift into a dowdy old age.Now, before you whip out the world’s tiniest violin for all these poor neglected men, I concede that men of my age have always had it so much easier than women.

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