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This image shows three children staring at Parks' the camera in Shady Grove, Alabama in 1956.

Parks followed three families – the Thorntons, the Causeys and the Tanners – in their work, home and church lives near Mobile, Alabama The image taken outside a department store in downtown Mobile, Alabama shows the colored entrance during segregation.

While only 20 photos ran in the original Life photo-essay, the exhibit will feature 40 of Parks' shots from the series Later in life he would go on to direct films, famously helming the classic Shaft two years after making his directorial debut with The Learning Tree in 1969,based upon his semi-autobiographical novel of growing up in Kansas in the 1920s.

An African-American orders ice cream from the colored entrance of a store.

Elected officials from both major parties sought to portray themselves as staunch anticommunists, and few people dared to criticize the questionable tactics used to persecute suspected radicals. United States, which said that the free-speech rights of accused Communists could be restricted because their actions presented a clear and present danger to the government. Truman (1884-1972) issued Executive Order 9835, also known as the Loyalty Order, which mandated that all federal employees be analyzed to determine whether they were sufficiently loyal to the government.Under pressure from the negative publicity aimed at their studios, movie executives created blacklists that barred suspected radicals from employment; similar lists were also established in other industries. He leveled charges of disloyalty at celebrities, intellectuals and anyone who disagreed with his political views, costing many of his victims their reputations and jobs.Moreover, Hoover’s agents helped build the case against Julius Rosenberg (1918-53) and his wife, Ethel Rosenberg (1915-53), who were convicted of espionage in 1951 and executed two years later.Public concerns about communism were heightened by international events.

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