Abhigyan shakuntalam online dating

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The couple are later reunited, and all ends happily.

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He thot she will poke his one eye, so he showed her two fingers.In bare outline the story of the play is as follows: King Dushhyanta, while on a hunting expedition, meets the hermit-girl Shakuntalaa, whom he marries in the hermitage by a ceremony of mutual consent.Obliged by affairs of state to return to his palace, he gives Shakuntalaa his signet ring, promising to send for her later.Kali was appeased with him and granted him profound wisdom.When he returned to his house, his wife (the learned) asked, “asti kashchit vaag-vishesha H” (asti = is; kashchit = when, as in questioning; vaag = speech, vishesha H = expert; i.e. And the great Kalidasa wrote three books starting with the 3 words: with asti = asti-uttarasyaam dishi = Kumara-sambhavam (epic) with kashchit = kashchit-kaantaa = Meghdoot (poetry) with vaag = vaagarthaaviva = Raghuvansha (epic) Another story says that he was the friend of Kumardas of Ceylon.

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