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Your kid has likely navigated through a bunch of wonderings themselves as they came to better understand their identity, so the first place you should go with many of your questions is directly to them.

I was so nervous writhing what I wrote that i missed spelled a few things. He asked for my number before he left and the next day I woke up to an astonishing hangover and a message from him saying how cool he thought I was and how he was glad to have met me. After talking for a while she admitted that she though she might like girls.

So when it came to him having love interests, it was my job to support him. And now, as the new faces of Tommy Hilfiger, dance-pop's best-dressed double act are setting the agenda in fashion too. When we were good we would make little jokes about my sexuality and stuff like that. However days went on i started to feel a bit awkward around her randomly. By Anthony Loyd 6: She and I are very good friends.

Sep 08, 6: I can move through this just knowing I have this incredible friend. My Plan A I have been in love with my best friend for 17 years. She also likes to kiss me on the cheek and forehead and wrists. However, over the course of a strange emotional month, I fought back feelings and finally at the end I simply accepted the fact that i really liked him.

Forgive yourself for having conflicting feelings, sure, but don’t let those immediate concerns overshadow the fact that your kid just told you about a very important part of themselves.

Acknowledge your feelings, but also acknowledge their courage.

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