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And, like me, you can also use more than one label — or you can choose not to use a label at all. While some people argue that labels only separate us, personally, finding terms that described my individual sexuality was an extremely freeing experience.

After going through a period of confusion and uncertainty about my sexual orientation (and how to communicate it to others), discovering and using these terms felt like coming home.

I'm not looking for sympathy I am just being real.

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She is most noted for editing the Bisexual Resource Guide, an indispensable “road guide” for bisexuals as they follow the path of their sexuality.

Bisexual folks can spend a long time in the woods figuring out which trail allows them to “take both.” Robyn Ochs has helped to blaze that trail as she has moved through and delighted in her own journey as a bisexual woman.

One Reddit user said women's skin tends to be softer, adding 'All that moisturising pays off.' Another said that women kiss differently because they have 'softer lips', and tend to be more gentle.

I came out as bisexual eight years ago when I began dating women.

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