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Designer is uncredited, which is a shame because the action mechanic is remarkable for a kid game. I have two girls aged 5 and 9 (actually I have three, but the one at age 38 didn't qualify to be in this post).

If anyone else has played it I would be interested in your opinion. The younger will, at the moment, not play anything but Gulo Gulo, but has prevously been seen playing a variety of simple roll and move games and even a simplified (no farmers) Carcassonne.

Although I find the Bratz theme about as inappropriate as they get, the game play proved quite good, especially considering the age group it's aimed at.

Very little content on its page here, so I may have to write a review.

They are great games that are quick to play and can be played over and over and keep you laughing all the time. I am a consultant and I just can not say enough good things about the company. I am very excited to be with the company because from August 16th through the 19th I will be at Gen Con in Indianapolis working in the Simply Fun booth introducing the company to everyone there.

Some favorite games, overlapping interests from oldest to youngest, are Duel of Ages, Battle Lore, Pitch Car, Flea Circus, and 'Travel' Blokus (the 2-player version).

That's My Fish* Clocktowers* Pitchcar Mini* Uno* Animal on Animal* Savannah Cafe* Hisssss I just got back from vacation, where one of my four-year-olds wanted to play about 20 games of Pitch Car.

The good news is that my skills are much better than they were a week ago.

Wings of War: Famous Aces Munchkin The Red Dragon Inn Lunch Money He loves to play all of them, I would have to say at the moment, Red Dragon is his favorite, but he will play Arkham any chance he gets. The eldest will even play and she's not much of a gamer.

Following up that, we get into just one game each of UNO Junior and UNO: Disney Princess.

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