Dating outside jehovah witnesses

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Most people dismiss them gently but firmly, although some are gentler than others.I didn’t grow up a JW, but I was brought up by fundamentalist Christians.We had no television, went to church twice a week, and I spent a good portion of my earlier life almost entirely unaware of popular culture.An insular environment like this can have a profound effect on a child, and gives parents a great deal of control over what the child does, thinks, and is exposed to.This video purports to be about gay parenting, but it’s really a direct challenge to the first encounter many children will have with gay people - namely classmates with gay parents.For anyone who thinks they’ve never encountered the JWs before, you probably in fact have.

In London they’re usually outside major train stations like Oxford Circus or Liverpool Street, but you will also find them in high streets around the country, and of course sometimes they’ll even come a-knocking.

Learning how my parents felt about homosexuality (they definitely weren’t on board with the whole thing whatsoever) took me to quite a dark place, especially for an 11-year-old.

My parents were very fond of that catchall quotation from 2 Timothy “All Scripture is God-breathed”, taking it to mean that every word in the Bible was literally and directly from God.

“This is ridiculous, imagine believing something like this!

” is the reaction from the intellectuals, the secularists, even some mainstream Christians, no doubt.

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