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Boy George spoke about redemption after drug addiction, and Argentinian soccer star Diego Maradona told of praying at the Western Wall in preparation for the World Cup.As Shmuley's stature on campus grew, his relations with the Lubavitch leadership began to fray.The L'Chaim Society attracted as many non-Jews as Jews—its president one year was an African-American Baptist—and his peers felt Shmuley was spending too much time courting gentiles, thereby diluting outreach efforts and possibly even encouraging intermarriage.

Shmuley moved to New York, where he published excerpts of and debated the merits of pornography with Larry Flynt.The Rebbe, as Schneerson was called, bestowed upon Shmuley a generous blessing—friends joked that perhaps was the Messiah—and later dispatched him, at age 22, to Oxford to serve as a religious emissary.There Shmuley founded the L'Chaim Society, which he quickly turned into the university's second largest club by recruiting high-profile speakers to address topics often only tangentially related to Judaism.In 1994 Shmuley was officially rejected by Crown Heights after inviting Yitzhak Rabin to speak at L'Chaim against the orders of the Rebbe, who strongly opposed Rabin's land-for-peace position.The penalty was largely symbolic, since Shmuley had become a master fund-raiser (using British parsonage laws to purchase a second home in North London) and was financially independent.

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