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She got a 'weird feeling' and logged on at 3.30am one day in early December and noticed he was not at home - but was instead at an address nearby.Determined to outsmart him, she didn't confront him and instead spent three weeks tracking his location.The app is activated within the Settings menu on Apple devices: Settings 'I said "when she's born I don't want you going out on Saturday nights as much", but he still went.'By November I was getting suspicious but I was so tired with the newborn baby and so much rushing around and I didn't really want to think about it.'While at her mum's house in Norfolk, Khadijah remembered he was now using her old i Phone as his was broken, and checked to see if the tracker app was still working.

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So long as the device in question has some kind of internet connection, the app can pinpoint its location on a map, allowing the user to zoom in and out to track it closely.

I kept seeing the same thing and spotting him at the same location.'Khadijah finally confronted him on January 7.

After he told her he was 'meeting someone to pick something up' she drove to his suspected lover's address and spoke to her housemate. I found out who she was and looked in his emails and found out they were together on Christmas Day.'I changed the locks on the house.

She said she "waved my hand in his face but never touched him".

She said the police were called, she gave them her name, but no further action has been taken and she hasn't heard from them since.

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