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As for corsages and boutonnieres that will coordinate with a sunflower wedding..the mini sunflowers are way too big for body flowers.Instead, I would suggest either mini yellow gerberas with the black center or novelty chrysanthemums, preferably with the black center as well.Not the cheapest of the cheap flowers but definitely on the list due the rose's ultimate role as The quintessential flower of romance.This all-star in the world of weddings comes in most colors and even in bi-colored, stripped and tipped roses too.Although you can easily choose hand-tied bouquets for the bride and the whole wedding party, you could also decide to have a more elaborate bouquet for the bride including a few gerberas or amongst other flowers while your bridesmaids could carry gerberas exclusively.You will have to provide a constant water source between the times when you or your girls will be holding the gerbera bouquets.If you prefer a mix of flowers, I would recommend combining carnations with daisies and poms for lovely mixed bouquets that won't cost much and will have that wildflower look but will last so much longer and won't wilt in the summer heat (as long as they have a source of water) Mini carnations are the perfect size for corsages and boutonnieres.

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For wedding elegance, I would suggest going with white or cream carnations if you want to use only carnations.Daisies and poms are available in white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, purple, lavender, orange and rust.They come in 3 varieties appropriate for weddings: button poms are like little flat balls atop a stem, flat poms look as the name implies and daisies which need no introduction.Inexpensive, cute, modern, easy and quick to work with, you will not have to worry about being able to achieve these simple bouquets in time if you decide to make them yourself.Gerberas come in a wide variety of colors and can therefore blend well with any color theme.

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