Netflix dating site christian dating saying i love you

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Most dating sites make you constantly wonder, “They’re cute, but will we actually get along?

If you're already in a committed relationship with Netflix but are looking for a side piece of the human variety, the new dating site and app My Show Mate could be about to rock your (cozy, TV-watching) socks off.

For comparison, the much-ballyhooed dating app Tinder has an estimated 50 million users worldwide (the company hasn't released official figures).

Combining the audiences certainly presents advantages for people looking for someone with shared interests — or at least mutual interest in Netflix and dating.

These facts could actually serve as ice breakers: “Yoke says I listen to Daft Punk and you listen to Justice. My only concern is people might be a little weirded out by getting a message from someone on a dating app they don’t even use.

The honest truth is that streaming services and bingewatching movies and TV unites people intimately, whether they end up paying attention to what’s on or not.

Netflix had more than 65 million users as of last count, 42 million in the US alone.

Dating is already stressful enough, so a calm, straightforward interface is refreshing.

Your Yoke matches aren’t just other users as with most dating sites — they’re any friends of your Facebook friends who list themselves as “Single” and live nearby.

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