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A constant velocity requires both a constant speed and an unchanging direction. If you change your speed at all, even if you are moving in a straight line, your velocity must change. Speed and velocity are related concepts in physics.

Number 2: Can you move with a constant velocity but not a constant speed? Speed is how much distance is covered over a specific period of time, regardless of direction traveled.

In this case, the store is north and east of your house, so you moved at an average velocity of 27.1 meters every hour in a northeasterly direction.Physics pop quiz time: What was Jimmie Johnson's average velocity?Be honest, how many of you said 159 miles per hour? The reason for this dramatic difference lies in the subtle distinction between speed and velocity.The best way to start examining the difference between speed and velocity is to look at your car's speedometer.The next time you're in your car on the highway, do just that. I'm going to assume you always obey the speed limit, so if the speed limit is 65 miles per hour, your speedometer should read 65 miles per hour.

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