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To be honest, had this happened within the first few months of starting the company, we would’ve probably closed up shop and run back to living one third of our lives in cubicles, where it’s safe and there’s always health insurance.

It’s only because we hired a lawyer that we were able to get the copyright infringement penalties reduced via a settlement deal.

I’m also saying that I have a hard time believing the photographer commands thousands of dollars per image – most of his work had nothing at all to do with photography, and he wasn’t an artist with any kind of recognition or awards to his name.

Anyway, the website was new and it wasn’t an especially popular post – we could prove via Google Analytics that fewer than 100 people read it.

The lawyers make money on a contingency basis, usually taking at least 40% of the copyright infringement penalties they “earn” by hunting down unsuspecting bloggers.

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Because the lawsuit came without any kind of warning and this was the first time we’d ever been accused of such a thing, we were hoping that replacing the image and sincerely apologizing to Mr. People who create copyrighted works hire companies that use computer programs to scour web pages for copies of those images.Recently we made a very costly mistake, and I think it’s one that every blogger and business owner should be aware of our writers published a blog post to a client’s site – it was about finding great deals in Omaha, Nebraska (complete with an altogether underwhelming photo of the city, which may or may not have been taken by a drunken college student with a camera phone in 2005).You wouldn’t see this photo and immediately go book a vacation there, is what I’m saying.) have value, but nobody in their right mind would put that value at ,000.Had we been a smaller company and didn’t think to negotiate a settlement, we could’ve been put out of business.

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