Problems updating to 4 01

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My Gamertag is Gear Carlos13 Yeah, it's the same for me honestly.

I just think people are tired of Gears of War on a larger scale, too.

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[Notebook][Fermi GPUs][3D Vision]: Error message pointing to the Stereo driver appears when enabling stereoscopic 3D.

And that is what I love with Nokia, a direct relationship with users of its products, and fast response to the problems.

This is what Nokia was before, is now and hope it will be in the future.

Hello, the day they delivered the skins in flames I missed the snub pistol and the hammerburst and to date I have not come with the hammerburst I only made 99 deaths asking to get the skin and I was waiting to know if it can not be done something just having missed a death in all the events I registered and with the pistol snub I made the victories that they asked to get the skin.

Also with the skin of the chickens I registered and made the deaths that they asked for, I do not know if that skin is not yet given but if it is like that, has not arrived yet.

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