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Furthermore, because his mother was Charles IV’s sister and because Charles IV had no sons, Edward III considered himself a legitimate claimant to the French throne.

The other major claimant was the Count of Philip III of France through a younger branch of the family.

Even though the English armies of Edward III kept both Philip VI (d.

1350) and his son Calais (1360) gave Edward III full sovereignty over lands that he formerly held as a vassal of Philip VI.

Soldiers were drilled to fully expend a clip rather than attempt this in combat.

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By 1422, the Anglo-Burgundian alliance controlled Aquitaine and all France north of the Loire, including Paris. Although Joan was captured by the Burgundians, sold to the English, and tried and executed for heresy, Philip the Good became convinced that the English could never impose their authority on a region as large as France without more support from the native nobility.

The English, after their many successes and frustrations, were finally cured of their taste for continental intervention, and the English monarchs turned increasingly to the problems of internal development.

The hard-fought success of the house of Valois in securing the French crown helped insure that France would not become a realm in name only, partitioned among numerous independent princes.

After 1380 both countries were preoccupied with internal power struggles, and the war lapsed into uncertain peace.

Possession of Flanders remained the outstanding issue.

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