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And of course there are a number of incidents that pop up in between, like guest cancellations, animals running wild in the studio and the occasional missing intern lol. For me, I've know Dayton was big on aviation, of course since the Wright Brothers worked their magic right here, but I didn't realize how heavily that history is still interwoven in the community, from certain restaurants and businesses to the events that take place in town.

I'm not completely surprised given the rich history, but it is interesting to see the current adaptation and how folks pay homage to those memories.

One thing I loved about working there, is that you never knew who would walk through those doors.

I would say reporting news and hosting "Living Dayton" have many similarities.

Working in the District of Columbia we handled all of the live hits that came out of Washington.

Once we go off air, we begin producing and writing for the next day.

When looking for a boot you have to consider your leg size and the width of the boot, the texture, color and of course the heel.

And with all these powers combined you will have a great boot that looks like its made for YOU!

I would have to say being in a musical like Chicago that is heavily choreographed and celebrates femininity would be right up my alley. I was painfully shy growing up, and knowing that I wanted do something in broadcast, I just consistently put myself in out there. I think I really found a natural grove in pageants though--it helped me sharpen my poise and the ability to present under pressure. I love this quote I heard on Oprah's Master Class, "Service is the price you pay for taking up space on the Earth." And just as the earth gives back we should do the same. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture--the tiniest thing can snowball into something gigantic.

Just like Ashley and Lisa, Vanessa put a lot of effort in to the interview.

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