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This can be a digital representation of you, or whoever. But keep the following factors in mind: '''self factor''', '''player concentration''', '''faction build''', and '''role characteristics'''. The first thing to talk about is self factor, which is how your character's presence affects the immediate vicinity.Are you a creepy and powerful crime lord who makes everyone shrink away and obey him with his mere presence, or are you an outgoing person that just seems to lighten the mood wherever you go? Another thing you need to know about is player concentration.Next thing you'll encounter is Void, which players will say if they consider a previous action null or void.I personally find it helpful to quickly describe the action, but if you don't, void always voids the most recent action you took as a player.Don't make a fuss about it, or people will be telling you to BTRP.

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One thing I'll say about marking actions, be brief, but don't be too brief.

Those are all characteristics of that player's role.

For example, if you're going to live in one of the major scrap towns, you can take on a few roles.

You can be a guard, a merchant, an arms dealer, a prospector, a card cheat, a barkeep or anything similar.

It's highly discouraged you roleplay as an assassin or bounty hunter, as such jobs are non-existent today, and will be even more so in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. If you know the game you're roleplaying in, you're probably already well aware of the player concentrations and faction build of the server.

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