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Cold weather, drought conditions, insect spreading the disease, nutrient deficiencies, and other diseases, can cause stress to the plant which can increase the severity of the disease.Plan on using a 6 year crop rotation and avoid planting onions in the same location, year after year as the disease can survive in the soil for a long time.The plant is rarely killed by the disease, but the bulbs never matures fully.The surviving plants are stunted and the bulb size is reduced and becomes soft and non-desirable.But Grano enjoyed a successful career long before the thought of Vero or Aptus ever crossed his mind.Movin' on up In 1986, soon after earning a bachelor's degree in international relations from the University of Oregon in Eugene, Grano began working for Bristol-Meyers Inc.From there, he went to work for Peat Marwick, KPMG as a business relations trainer in Japan. in Bellevue, Wash., as a sales manager in the Pacific Northwest.It was there, Grano said, that he developed his product marketing chops.

It white flesh is very sweet, mild, and very flavorful. Excellent choice for home gardens and market growers. Shallots are very close to garlic and are very easy to grow. You can harvest onion for their green stems (scallions) at anytime."They were interested in taking their business from a local company to a national company, and that's why they involved me," Grano said.Stints with Bristol-Meyers, Peat Marwick, KPMG, US West Cellular, One Comm Communications and Nextel before joining Card Capture Services as CEO in 1996; founded Aptus Financial in 2001 and Vero in 2002. He also helped bring the concept of screen-based and receipt advertising to the ATM world. Plant produces excellent yields of 1 lb size white onions. This Vidalia type onion is a good choice for the Mid-Atlantic and the Southern states.For bulb product, let the tops dry up themselves before digging them up. Scientific Name: Phoma terrestris Type: Fungus Pink Rot is a devastating soil borne disease that affects the growth of onions and can occasionally affect corn, peppers, spinach, and soybeans.

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