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Our mothers and older sisters did their part on the home front, which included taking care of us.

Gasoline was rationed (to save rubber) as was sugar and other commodities.

At the movies: The Grapes of Wrath, Fantasia, Rebecca, The Baker’s Wife, The Great Dictator, The Philadelphia Story and The Westerner.

January 8 Clela Jane Crawford was born and the future Woodrow Wilson High School Class of 1958 began to assemble in, around and beyond Beckley, West Virginia. As the Arsenel For Democracy, American industry reached full capacity. New book titles: Berlin Diary, Random Harvest and My Friend Flicka.

Miniver and Yankee Doodle Dandy January – December In Beckley, our fathers and oldest brothers went into the Army, Navy and Marine Corps to fight a war on many fronts.

The Census Bureau set the population of the United States at 131,669,275.At the movies: Citizen Kane, How Green Was My Valley, Sergeant York and Suspicion.January 1 Effie Eleanore Plumley was born in Beckley, West Virginia and Gary Schiffer was born in Logan, West Virginia; the first members of our ’41 contingent.In Europe, Germany invaded Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway and conquered France.The first antibiotic was developed and life expectancy in the United States reached 64 years as compared to 49 years in 1900.

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