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For Lyosha it meant the end of a successful career. From the one side it's fear, it's the fear of course, it's very dangerous and you're always under some kind of feelings that you could be the next. It separates you from the majority and you understand that you have to fight.

That's not to say homophobia and gay bashing didn't exist before, they did, but things for the LGBT community had been gradually getting easier.His killer had taken his cell phone, his laptop, and house keys, leaving him trapped to bleed to death in his own home.By the time I meet Tatyana, the police have arrested a 21 year old student, Sergei Kozyrev on suspicion of murder.Homophobic vigilantes have been known to prowl these sites, leering gay men and women out on dates only to humiliate, attack, or even kill them.When the police found Dmitry, he was lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds.

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