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Lord Justice Ward said ETK began the affair with the woman, known only as X, in November 2009.

As if contradicting his own ruling, Lord Justice Ward said: ‘To restrict publication simply to save the blushes of the famous could have a wholly undesirable, chilling effect on the necessary ability of publishers to sell their newspapers.‘We have to enable sales if we want to keep our newspapers.‘Unduly to fetter their freedom to report as editors judge to be responsible is to undermine the pre-eminence of the deserved place of the press as a powerful pillar of democracy.’But he said there was ‘no political edge’ to the story of ETK and X and added: ‘The intellectual, artistic or personal development of members of society is not stunted by ignorance of the sexual frolics of figures known to the public.’Privacy law, developed by judges over the past few years, has never been approved by Parliament.

It means that, for the first time in more than 100 years, newspapers, broadcasters and individuals are forbidden by law from telling the truth about people.

The landmark judgment came in the case of a father of two, an entertainment industry figure referred to in court only as ETK, who had a six-month sexual relationship with his colleague.

He ended the relationship after his wife discovered it and then told his bosses that he would prefer not to see his mistress again, and one of them should leave their job.

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