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In Indiana, the county Sheriff is generally responsible for registering, verifying, and monitoring convicted sex offenders and violent offenders.

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A sex or violent offender must also register all of their physical identifiers, to include aliases, tattoos, scars and piercings. The Sheriff’s Office takes the registered information from the sex or violent offenders, who must submit said forms in person, and updates the Indiana Sex or Violent Offender Registration, the National Crime and Information Center, the Indiana Data Communications System, and the local Record Management System.

The submitted Sex or Violent Offender Registration form is then securely stored by the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office must verify the authenticity of the registered information at least (1) time a year or every (90) days depending upon the risk classification of the registered offender.

The Sheriff’s Office must also notify the sex or violent offender by an approved office mailing, informing the sex or violent offender his or her duty to report in person and register either annually or every (90) days depending upon the risk classification.

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