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I have the right to talk with anyone that I feel good with – this is the privilege of a single person. I don’t want to be single but right now I don’t have anyone as my girlfriend so I can talk with everyone.I am not the type of person who dates many people at a time.In 2016 she starred her first movie titled One Day paired with Chantavit Dhanasevi Read the rest of this entry » Sushar Manaying or nickname “Aom”. Sushar is daughter of Pornpan Wana popular folk singer.Former MC in TV show “Strawberry Cheesecake” and step up to lead actress in Movie “Yes or No”.At the time of her arrival, she barely understood the Thai language so she had a special tutor to help her and within a couple of months, she was able to read and write more fluently.Originally, Preem wasn’t interested in working in the entertainment field because she felt that it wasn’t compatible with her personality but when the opportunity came about where she was recruited by Ae Supachai, she gradually learned to enjoy her occupation as an actress and model.

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She looks up to Chompoo Araya and Yaya Urassaya as her idols and role models and hopes to achieve the same accomplishments as they do, to be a well known, well loved and successful person.

She was a lead actress in Hormones in 2008 and Bangkok Traffic Love Story in 2009.

Its establishment, along with the opening of our new Community Center at Vermont Avenue and 81st Street, marks the beginning of a new era.

This make people think that Bella is the new girlfriend of Weir therefore we have to ask him what’s the truth.

“First of all, I am single, and the privilege that every single person has, that many couple has regret – a single person can talk with anyone. And because I am single there is no worry that talking to this and that person will be wrong for I don’t have a girlfriend.

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