Who came first the clash or the sex pistols

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They seize the boy-Emperor Mutsuhito at his Residence in Kyoto before the Shogun can secure him.

Our warships of pure iron shall destroy Those nations that make an enemy of, The Land of the Rising Sun. Commodore Perry had visited Japan to display some Gunboat Diplomacy a decade-and-a-half or so ago, and the potential onslaught of Europeans to dominate Japan the way they were busy doing the rest of Asia was palpable.The course of Japan's future then lay solely upon the hands of the new militarists in the government, who pushed to invade Korea and Taiwan to imitate the Western Imperialists and fuel their final conquest for China and Indochina, but end up exploiting them far beyond what French, English, or Spanish did, and narrowly exceeds what the Belgians did in Africa.But the reality was swapping one shogunate with another.Having a de facto nation that could secede or even stage a coup of unprecedented size within its own borders was unacceptable, so the government attacked first.The samurais stockpiled European-style weapons yet stubbornly stuck to sword charges into the modernized to national army of commoners.

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