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What this means is that if you want to create other data structures in Java Script you have to start with an associative array.

Many Java Script programmers get very confused about the way that the Array object works.

As the associative array is used to as the basis of the Java Script object there is an alternative way to access a value that makes the key look like a property.

That is you can access the value using "property syntax" as in: When you specify a key using property notation it has to be fully determined at compile time.

The whole of the Java Script language is built on one central data structure - the associative array.

Objects in Java Script are just associative arrays and this causes a lot of confusion at first.

That is in Java Script a function is just an objec that stores some executable code.The reason for this is that the array notation allows you to use an expression as in: and because of this the key specification has to evaluate to a string.Notice that by the very relaxed rules of Java Script data typing 'key' 2 is interpreted as 'key' '2' which evaluates to the string 'key2'.The function evaluation operator () will cause any function object to execute its code.It will also initialize any parameter values and it evaluates to the return value of the function.

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