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In the middle of the village people have built a cultural center. It provides facilities for activities of local associations, the seat of the municipal office, running a restaurant, hairdresser and massage. Besides magazines and books stand offers dry goods, school supplies, waste bags and many other goods.

The former supermarket under the name Studio Kandy offers customers the facility bathrooms, flooring, fireplace, garage doors adt. Semily and Company H offering water, sewer installation and material.

Business activities in materials for water, gas and heating is engaged and the company KTO International.

The amenities also include a post office, which was established in 1951.

State Highway Semily - Salt - Green Grove - Lomnice n. The railway line Pardubice - Liberec was built between 1856-1858, with a stop in Nedvězí, the first train stopped here 65 years later.

The first written mention of Salty is from 1430 in the book Anthony Warden - Local names in the country.

Thirty years later, he had 73 houses 406 inhabitants.

New changes for saline occurred in 1714, when it was assigned to the county boleslavskému.

Since 1849 he fell to Jicin and the formation of a regional government in 1868 was again assigned to the Salt Semilům.

This valley with the surrounding hilly terrain is composed of younger Paleozoic rocks permokarbonskými with Volcanic melaphyres and places Tertiary formations of basalt volcanic rock.

Permian formation is made up of layers of sandstones, conglomerates and shale.

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